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I help perfectionists move forward in their higher education career, without throwing away their quality of life.

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Not sure if coaching is right for you?

If one or more of the statements below prompt you to think “ that’s me!,”

I promise you that coaching can help.

Isabeau Iqbal  You’re tyring to “juggle it all” and are exhausted

Isabeau Iqbal  You have trouble saying “no”

Isabeau Iqbal   You feel like an imposter sometimes, and wish you could just get on with it

Isabeau Iqbal  You overthink

There’s nothing wrong with high standards and expectations or with perfectionism.

The problem is when these get in the way of your career satisfaction and personal well-being. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be either success or happiness..

You deserve to do work that gives you energy, allows you to apply your strengths, and feel positive about your career.

Let’s get started!

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Isabeau Iqbal Are we a fit? In order to get results from coaching, we need the right chemistry. We find that out in this call.

Isabeau Iqbal  I will match your challenge to a resource. I have developed and used many different tools to help clients. I will refer you to a resource so you can start getting immediate results on your specific challenge.

Isabeau Iqbal You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll guide you on your next step so you feel more confident, hopeful, and optimistic about your future.

Are you ready to make powerful career decisions, stop procrastinating, and get unstuck in your higher education career?

We uncovered the hidden patterns.

“Isabeau came into my life when my career felt like it had fallen flat. She listened to my words with care and curiosity and together we uncovered the hidden patterns that were holding me back/keeping me from living a life with more joy, direction and ‘lightness’. After our sessions, I feel far more vibrant creatively, I’m more focused, and best of all, I am motivated to create the best life/career for myself and my family.​”


Why work with me? I care. Period.

I am a certified coach who helps people be in fulfilling careers, apply their strengths, and experience more joy in their professional lives.

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