Coaching for Individuals

Are you ready to make powerful career decisions, stop procrastinating, and get unstuck in your higher education career?

I know exactly where you are — you’re ambitious, have years of formal education, and are accomplished in your higher education career. Outwardly, all looks good.

But you keep cycling through the same old thoughts and hesitations and you’re stuck in indecision. Your perfectionism isn’t helping and you often feel overwhelmed. You’re worried about making the wrong career decision–one that will “fail” and create even more stress.

It’s time to stop the drain of unmade decisions and courageously take the next steps in your higher education career. I can help. With my coaching support, you’re going to get clear about next steps, take consistent action with gentle productivity, and stop feeling overwhelmed all the time.

Let’s get started! You can pick from 2 different packages.

Startup Package

This coaching program includes 2 individualized coaching sessions.  Whether you’re new to coaching or new to working with me, this package allows you to make progress on a career challenge and experience what it’s like to work together.  Each session is 45 minutes and spaced a maximum of 2 weeks apart.

Investment : $400


  Examine and clarify your career goals

  Determine your values and strengths

  Make progress on your goal(s)

  Increase your self-awareness 



This coaching program includes 8 individualized coaching sessions and caring support between sessions. Each session is 45 minutes and we typically meet weekly or every 2 weeks.

You will clarify your priorities, make decisions you feel good about, and establish processes to take consistent action on your goals and desired direction.

If you are uncertain, procrastinating, and/or overwhelmed, and want to grow in your higher education career while still having time and energy to enjoy your non-work life, this program is for you.

Investment : $1500


Isabeau Iqbal

Whether you’re ready to get started or have questions…


  Spot your perfectionism and know how to use it to support your higher education career goals (versus letting it take over and work against you)

 Be productive, but not overworked, because you’ll focus on intentional, meaningful work through gentle productivity (versus a traditional ‘get ‘er done’ approach)

 Make powerful decisions instead of remaining stuck in procrastination, overwhelm, and doubt (because you begin to trust that you know what’s right for you)

 Get unstuck from a current work/career challenge by taking action instead of swirling in confusion (you’re no longer frozen due to fear of judgment or of missing out)

 Create milestones and targets for yourself so you can ascertain your progress and celebrate your accomplishments (versus doing awesome things but never taking a moment to celebrate or recognize what you’ve accomplished)

 Get clear on your values and unique strengths (so you can apply them for greater personal and professional satisfaction)


  Coaching that is focused entirely on your goals. I bring my genuine care, experience, and tools to our coaching.

  Email support and accountability between conversations and for the duration of the program, so you don’t have to count on willpower alone to follow through.

  Clearly articulated action items at the end of each session so there’s no ambiguity about your next steps.

  Extension activities (aka “Homework”) to expand on your insights–only if you want these (the homework, that is)!

  Recommended resources specific to your needs (e.g., books, posts and articles, podcast episodes).

  Regular 45 minute sessions: these are weekly or every two weeks, with flexibility for holidays and unexpected events.

  Options for coaching via Zoom, phone, or in-person (depending on your preferences and also where you’re located).

A successful career in higher education doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality of life.  It would be my pleasure to help you. Contact me at isabeauiqbal (at) gmail (dot) com, book a call, or call me at 604 842 2821 (Vancouver, Canada).

“Isabeau helped me to understand my top strengths and how I could best use these to achieve my career goals. Our coaching conversations gave me a great deal of personal insight as well as next steps and action items. Isabeau is thoughtful, personable, and a skilled listener with a gift for drawing out the subtext behind what we say.”



Not sure if coaching is the right next step for you?

If one or more of the statements below prompt you to think “that’s me!,” I promise you that coaching can help.

Isabeau Iqbal  You overwork to meet your high expectations and to get a sense of accomplishment and feel valued

Isabeau Iqbal  You have trouble saying “no”

Isabeau Iqbal  You’re busy all the time with tasks you need to do but the things that are important (that you say you want to prioritize) get squeezed out

Isabeau Iqbal  You feel like an imposter at times, and procrastinate on tasks when you’re not sure you can succeed 

Isabeau Iqbal You worry about making the wrong choice, regretting your decision, and disappointing yourself or others

Isabeau Iqbal  You stay safely in research mode vs action mode, waiting to be “ready” for your next step because you’re so worried about making a decision that you might regret

Isabeau Iqbal  You stay in your role even though it isn’t fulfilling because you’ve invested so much into your education and building up your expertise

Isabeau Iqbal  You’re dissatisfied and unfulfilled and considering leaving higher education

There’s nothing wrong with high standards and expectations. The problem is when they get in the way of your career satisfaction and personal well-being (often via unmade decisions that slowly drain your joy). Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be either success or happiness.

You deserve to do work that gives you energy, allows you to apply your strengths, and feel positive about your career.

Let’s chat about your needs.

If you’re looking for more information or want to know how we can work together, book a call.
Here’s what to expect during our call:
Isabeau Iqbal  Are we a fit? In order to get results from coaching, we need the right chemistry. We find that out in this call.
Isabeau Iqbal  I will match your challenge to a resource. I have developed and used many different tools in helping clients. After finding out a bit about your challenges, I will refer you to one so you can start getting immediate results.
Isabeau Iqbal You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll guide you on your next step and help you start feeling confident about your future.

Move forward in your higher education career...

...without throwing quality of life out the window.

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