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Here are some podcast conversations I’ve been a part of. If you have questions, please contact me.


Don’t Forget to Have Fun – with Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: Heather Ross, Better Me Podcast

When you’re a driven person, focussed on your career, you can easily forget to have fun. Even the call to have more fun can feel stressful. Heather and I explore what fun looks and feels like in this episode.



Strategies for Making Better Career Decisions

Hosted by: PhD Career Stories

In this interview, I offer concrete episodes for making sound career decisions. If you prefer to watch, you can find the interview on YouTube.


Dealing with perfectionism as a PhD student – with Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: The PhD Life Raft

As a PhD student, it is common to experience ‘analysis paralysis’ and a feeling of stuckness. In this episode, I point out some positive elements of the perfectionist mindset and suggest ways to identify and build on your strengths.


What can we do about imposter syndrome?

Hosted by: Better Me Podcast

We talk about “imposter syndrome” including where it comes from, how we can deal with our own, and how we can make wider changes to reduce the impact.


Is perfectionism holding you back in your career? – with Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: Change Work Life

Do you spend hours working on tasks that should already have been submitted? Are you missing deadlines at work because you don’t complete projects until they are ‘perfect’?



Hosted by: Self-Compassionate Professor

Dr. Isabeau Iqbal describes the characteristics of perfectionism, tells us how perfectionism has shown up in her own life, and explains what we can do to navigate perfectionism so that it doesn’t negatively impact our work and personal lives.


Finding Your Coaching Voice with @IsabeauIqbal

Hosted by: Coaching Through It

From getting started with your coaching business to evolving in your professional identity as a coach, this episode dives deep with fellow coach, Isabeau Iqbal — enjoy!


How to Run Effective In-Person and Online Workshops with Dr. Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: GradBlogger

Isabeau Iqbal discusses the process of setting up and running an online workshop.


The Pros & Cons of Being an ‘Ambitious Perfectionist’ – In Conversation with Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: Me Time Midlife Podcast

Isabeau Iqbal is a career and life coach who helps ambitious perfectionists discover, appreciate, and apply their strengths so they can experience more joy in their professional and personal lives.


Starting a Coaching Business as an Academic with Dr. Isabeau Iqbal

Hosted by: GradBlogger

Isabeau Iqbal talks about how she transitioned from academia to being a professional coach.


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