Career Coaching For Ambitious Perfectionists In Higher Education

I help you move forward in your higher education career without throwing your quality of life out the window.

The people I work with

Isabeau Iqbal  Ambitious perfectionists in higher education who want to maintain their high standards without throwing their quality of life out the window

Isabeau Iqbal  Higher education professionals and academics who want to move beyond analysis paralysis and make career decisions that feel right

Isabeau Iqbal  Mid-career professionals in higher education who want to replace burnout with joy (without making decisions they’ll regret)

Isabeau Iqbal  Individuals who want to develop their leadership capacity within higher education and prefer to do so with confidential support from someone outside their unit (i.e., a coach!)

Isabeau Iqbal  Higher education professionals and academics who want to leverage their strengths without being blocked by their indecision, procrastination, and other perfectionist tendencies

Isabeau IqbalFolx in higher education who want to experience a greater sense of meaning in their career

Why work with me? I care. Period.

I care about helping people be in fulfilling careers, apply their strengths, and experience more joy in their professional lives. I look forward to connecting with you!

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The latest from the blog

Time to think at work

Time to think at work

Do you ever wish you had more time to think at work? Within my work life, I've got countless small and bigger "things" I'd like to dedicate more thinking time to. These include projects I want to explore, strategic directions I wish to examine, ideas I'm itching to...

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Overcommitting at work

Overcommitting at work

There's a lot of advice on how to assertively say 'no' at work and establish boundaries to avoid overcommitting and exhaustion. Boundary-setting skills are essential, but I've noticed that advice givers frequently assume that you don't actually want to take on the...

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2023 Q4 Goal Check-in

2023 Q4 Goal Check-in

In 2023, I decided to share and report back on my goals for each quarter (see here for Q1 and Q2 and Q3) In this fourth quarter, I had less goals--which reflected a broader theme of easing off on myself and going at a gentler pace. Below is a list of my Quarter 4...

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