In late January, I created a list of goals for the first quarter of 2023. I had a lot of fun making the list. Below, I report back on how things went!

2023 Q1 Goal Check-in

Did it

1. Dressed in bright colours more often
4. Led a hike for one of the hiking clubs I belong to
5. Went to a heels dance class
6. Ordered one time from Frock Box.
8. Cooked a new recipe (Dhal Bhat,
9. Wrote 2 blog posts/month
16. Got bubble tea (yum to Hot Taro Tea)
17. Hired a coach
18. Obtained my Professional Certified Coach designation with the International Coaching Federation (yessssss!!!!!)
20. Learned more about Mailchimp, SEO and Google Analytics (I have learned more about Mailchimp and blogging)
13. Found someone who specializes in gut health for my eldest

Did and …

2. Had fun with my family (dinners together at home and out once, Ladies against Humanity  [laughed so hard], watched the Whitney Houston movie, went to see Chorus Line performed by Studio 58)
3. Tried something new every week (this included: a sleepover at a new friend’s place, singing with another friend at our homes, two new hikes, a concert)
7. Did random acts of kindness (did, but not as frequently and delightfully as I had envisioned)
10. Sang three times live. This took a ton of courage, especially for the last song I shared. My voice cracked multiple times because I was so nervous, but I continued and things improved over the verses!
12. Did something new with Raúl one time each month (we had fun being tourists on Main street in Feb and went to Squamish in March; the latter is not totally new, but it was special so I’m counting it.)
15. Went to Aquasize three times (went twice–big deal for me)
22. Went with my 92 year old father to Hollyburn Peak. He snowshoed past the boundary and did amazing!
23. Continued with my singing lessons with Ellen Torrie

Didn’t quite get there

9. Get to 92 pounds (close, got to 91)
11. Learn a new song (am learning I’ll Fly Away)
14. Get a massage
21. Participate in the coaching facebook group weekly (didn’t feel pulled to this after all)

So, there you have it! I really enjoyed the process of making a list that felt fun, consulting it regularly and being motivated to carry through because I looked forward to the items I had added.

I’ll create another list for Q2 some time in April.


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