In early April, I created a list of goals for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023. I enjoyed making that list and then revisiting it regularly during Q2.

Most fun, of course, was implementing the items on the list. Here’s how things went:

Did it

Have fun with my family (casual hang-out time, visit with family friends from out of town, Burlesque show x2, Father’s day celebration, birthday celebrations, high school graduation for our youngest, The Swimmers movie night)

Do something new with Raúl 1x/month (Artist in our midst, weekend trip to Kamloops, afternoons at the beach, new restaurant, Qmunity parent group, documentary watching)

Try something new at least 5 x (Got Craft market, meal delivery, singing accompanied by guitar and singing in duet, sleepover at friend’s)

Put more energy into dressing well and feeling good in my clothes (bought a few nice pants and tops at a consignment store and wore these)

Stretch daily for 5 minutes (did approx 4x/week)

Slow down when I eat and be present (50% success rate)

Take a dance class (did a 3-week intro class and then a trial class at another school)

Lead 3 hikes for hiking groups I belong to (Sea to Summit, Pacific Spirit Park, Mt. Fromme)

Get a massage (April 19, through Langara College’s Massage Therapy Program)

Share song 4x at song circle (Peace like a river; Somewhere to begin, Demain, demain x2; Les loups; and I had the pleasure of doing a few pieces with someone else who plays an instrument –which was a first for me!)

Take my bike on the skytrain and on the bus (once each) (did the Seabus and the bus)

Look into noise cancelling headphones (purchased and then returned)

Address L’s health (read, research, inform) (yes, ongoing)

Enrolled in, and started, a coaching course to be able to assess the International Coaching Federation’s PCC Markers (leaving it open)

Make 4 videos for my coaching practice (yes, found at the bottom of my home page at

Address content strategy (coaching business) (work in progress)

Do weights at gym 2x/week (this goes between “did it” and “didn’t do” because I usually ended up doing weights at home instead of going to the gym)

Didn’t do

  • Do aquasize 3x or swim at pool (didn’t do, but I did force myself to take colder showers)
  • Do something to make the living room/dining room feel like a better space (no, but put the summer bedding on and also got a new throw blanket for our couch)
  • Go on a hotel retreat alone (would eventually love to do this)
  • Go to the library to work for a change in scenery (inertia)
  • Make 3 different stir-fry sauces (was no longer important to me)


My next steps

I am enjoying creating a list of fun, inviting goals, wishes, plans for each quarter. I normally spend 3-7 days generating the list and then post it on my blog. During the 3 months, I revisit it often and give myself permission to modify/add/adjust.

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