In 2023, I decided to share and report back on my goals for each quarter (see here for Q1 and Q2 and Q3)

In this fourth quarter, I had less goals–which reflected a broader theme of easing off on myself and going at a gentler pace.

Below is a list of my Quarter 4 (October, November, December) wishes, intentions, and goals and a brief summary of how I did.

1. Enjoy time with my mother

My mom came to visit, from Montreal, in October. We enjoyed walks and meals together–it was lovely.

2. Participate in events, offerings etc that are new to me

Cirque du Soleil, White Poppy Ceremony (remembering the victims of war), Avalanche Course (have completed the pre-work, but the course has been rescheduled multiple times due to lack of snow), Prep School (5 week course to help prepare for death), Wanderung’s Christmas Lights bike ride.

3. Sing

Take 1:1 voice lessons and share songs (aka “perform”) at the Vancouver Folk Song Society and Music on Main and More. So much fun!

4. Celebrate our anniversary

Raúl and I have been together for 28 years and we celebrated by going away together to Squamish, one of my favourite local spots for a short retreat.

5. Organize my pictures 

Getting there.

6. Apply my PCC Marker Training to support coaches-in-training

Did some of this work for the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching — tough but good!

7. Buy a nice bra

I’ve only ever purchased el-cheapo bras in the past (which work fine). I treated myself to something more aesthetically pleasing.

8. Make a decision about the Grouse Gondola Pass.

After waffling for two months, I purchased a Grouse Gondola Pass with the intention of doing the BCMC 2x/month.


These other goals fell into the “ongoing” category

9. Create and enjoy more family time

Lots of this, especially in December. We even did some improv games and had fun!

10. Connect with friends

Yes: walks, visits, dinners. And I even met some past coaching clients in-person for the first time ever.

11. Hike  

Continue to do short, local hikes.

12. Lead hikes for North Shore Hikers

Done on October 28 and December 28.

13. Read more

Did “ok” with this. You can connect with me on Goodreads.


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