Has this happened to you: You’ve taken an online assessment to learn more about yourself, read it over, gleaned some insights, and then shelved the report?…Result: you have a vague memory (maybe) of what it was about and that there was useful stuff in there.

From my experience, that’s what happens most of the time after someone takes the CliftonStrengths assessment!

Here are five ways you can deepen your understanding about your strengths after the initial phase of taking the report and reading the results. When you have more awareness of your strengths, you’re better able to apply these at work and in life.

1. Re-read your report

After taking the CliftonStrengths assessment, you receive one or more written reports (depending on whether you took the Top 5 or Full 34 assessment). Because they have a LOT of excellent information specific to you, I recommend you read over the report(s). Tip: Schedule a yearly review of the reports into your calendar.

2. Explore Gallup Access

Gallup’s Access site is the place to go to recover your reports and access personalized information to help you learn more about your themes and strengths. Check out the Resources section where you can find short videos of the 34 themes–these can help you learn more about yourself and others. This is also the place to come if you need to recover your reports.

3. Reflect on how you apply your themes

Some questions you might ask yourself for each theme include:

  • How does this theme help my relationships?
  • How does this theme help me make things happen?
  • How does this theme affect how I influence others?
  • How does this theme affect how I process and analyze information and situations?

4. Converse with a Gallup-Certified Strengths coach

Gallup-Certified Strengths coaches have specialized training in CliftonStrengths. We can help you learn more about your themes and how to use them in service of your goals and the person you want to be. If this sounds like something you want to do, contact me (see below).

5. Learn with colleagues at work

If you’ve taken the CliftonStrengths as part of a team workshop or organizational initiative, you can set up regular strengths sessions/conversations with your colleagues. I’ve heard of teams who schedule time to listen to a Gallup podcast or video together and then debrief, including about how their learning applies to their work and team. See the CliftonStrengths YouTube Channel where you can find many videos or listen to an episode on the CliftonStrengths Podcast.

If the above sounds too involved for you, simply have a conversation with a peer and reflect how you each see each other’s strengths show up.

Over to you

Do you want to find ways to deepen and extend your learning after taking the CliftonStrengths assessment (or any other assessment)? I work with people who want to use their strengths at work. Contact me to find out how we can work together.

Photo by Amy Lister on Unsplash

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