For as long as I can remember, I have been awed by a beautiful singing voice. Certain song/voice combinations stop me in my tracks, pull me in like some sort of powerful vortex (does a vortex suck people in? that may be scientifically inaccurate, but you get my point), and stir up a sense of elation.

A beautiful and powerful singing voice actually initiates a physical reaction in me: I feel like my chest and heart swell, I have sharp focus, and –often–I get misty-eyed or cry.

I experience something similar when I’m hiking and see a mountain range. These sights of the outdoors, like some singing voices, bring me to a state of awe. And, when I hear about acts of immense courage.

In my professional life, creativity brings about something similar to awe. For example, when I participate in a workshop or other offering in which the facilitator uses creativity in powerful ways.

I was interested to learn that research has found that awe can make people happier and healthier. Awe, it seems, has benefits that range from being more concerned with others, feeling more humble, and positive physical effects. This post by the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley provides a good summary of some research in this area.

Naturally, this has made me wonder how I might experience more awe…


Awe Isn’t Necessarily Good for You (Atlantic). Despite the title, this article looks largely at the benefits of awe. I like the varied perspectives it presents.

3 Ways to Experience More Awe in Your Life. Presents 3 do-able ways to experience more awe.

Your Turn

What inspires awe in you in your personal life? What about in your professional life? I’d love to hear what brings about this emotion/state in you. Let me know–I really enjoy hearing from my readers!

This post was inspired by my recent experience of attending Les Miserables, performed by secondary school students at Eric Hamber. It was so touching to see these teens put their ALL into this performance and many sang so, so beautifully. 

Photo by Sergey Pesterev Unsplash

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