End of Term Coaching Special

You know something has to change and you’re ready to make it happen.

This is a perfect time to do it.

Check out my End-of-Term Coaching Special, designed for the person who wants to make a change now (or maybe it was yesterday!).

Results you can expect from coaching together

  1. Get unstuck from a work/career challenge
  2. Clarify career goals
  3. Make progress/take action on a career goal (or several)
  4. Identify your strengths and values
  5. Increase self-awareness about your own way of doing meaningful work

What’s included?

The end of term coaching special consists of four confidential coaching sessions that support you to make progress on what’s important to you.


  • 1 x 45-minute session and
  • 3 x 25-minute sessions
  • By Zoom (if you live in Canada, we can meet by phone or Zoom)
  • Caring, individualized support
  • Top quality coaching from me, an award winning Professional Certified Coach

How it works + investment

The End-of-Term Special is available for purchase until June 21, 2023.

Coaching sessions will take place anytime before September 21, 2023.

Once we start, you will find yourself energized by the insights and progress you’re making. Coaching is not a slog, even though we’re addressing big, meaningful issues!

Cost: $500 + applicable taxes

Take advantage of the end of the term to re-centre and reset, and prepare for an even better academic year.

I’m ready!

If you’re ready to get going, email me at isabeauiqbal@gmail.com and we’ll get started!

If you have questions and want more information, here are some options:

This coaching special is open to anyone (regardless of whether you work in higher education or not) who is ready to make a change that will positively affect their life and relationships.

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