It’s a given to thank someone when they’ve done good work. I’m sure you do this all the time!

It’s less common, however, to go that extra step and let the individual’s director, manager, colleagues or network know about the great work that has been done.

Sure, it would take a bit more effort on your part. But, think of the benefits for the person who receives that public thanks!

The gift of your thank you

Some ways the recipient of your thanks can benefit include:

  • they feel recognized and appreciated
  • more people know about their contributions, talents, skills
  • it helps enhance their authority and credibility
  • it can help their career

The downside for you? It takes a bit of your time.

How to use the “Recommend” tool within LinkedIn

While there are many ways to express your appreciation publicly, I often use LinkedIn’s “Recommend” tool because then my comments are visible to a large audience and ‘permanent’. Of course, this tool is only relevant if both you and the recipient are on LinkedIn.

Here is a quick screencast on how to use the recommend feature:

(Note: if the quality of the above video makes it hard for you to see the steps, then you might find the screen cast at this Loom link a bit more crisp; both screencasts are identical in content)

Over to you

I encourage you to give it a try today (!) and guarantee that taking a few minutes to recommend someone on LinkedIn will make you feel good. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post, so please leave a comment below or contact me to chat.

Additional resources

If you want additional guidance, you can find some here:

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation in 2020

How to write a killer LinkedIn recommendation in under 2 minutes

My final 2 cents: write from the heart and don’t worry about making it “perfect”.

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