The good news came early this year: I had received the CEO Today Executive Coaching Award for 2022. I was delighted to receive this recognition as I dedicate a lot to building my craft and care deeply about my clients.

“Good for you, but what’s this got to do with me?” (you may be thinking)

Read on to find out.

Dismissing our experience

I have worked with lot of people who dismiss their skills and experience and opt-out of opportunities because they deem they don’t meet the qualifications for _____ . Here, “_____” could be an award, a recognition, a new position. I’ve done this myself.

This tendency may be especially common among perfectionists who can’t meet their impossibly high standards.

We don’t even go for it because we self-determine that (1) we don’t have what it takes and that, consequently (2) we won’t receive the recognition.

When that’s what we think, of course, we also wonder “why bother?”.

I was tempted to take that route when I was invited to submit supporting materials for the coaching award.

Things we tell ourselves

When we’re presented with an opportunity that seems out of reach, here are some of the thoughts that might cross your mind:

  • There’s no way I would get this
  • I don’t have what they’re looking for
  • Other people are way more qualified
  • I don’t have the time to put into the application, especially since I probably won’t get this

Those are some of the thoughts I had when I received the award nomination and the invitation to submit information and materials.

Going for it

When an opportunity presents itself and sparkles for you, don’t wait to feel confident before going for it.

In many cases, courage trumps confidence.

So, when those thoughts come up, put them aside. Instead of amplifying your worry, redirect your focus and energy to creating a plan and going for the opportunity that has caught your attention.

I can help!

Is there something you want to go for, but haven’t summoned the courage to do so yet? I can help you. Book a free call to find out more.


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