I really enjoyed creating and having a list of enticing activities and wishes for Q1 so I’ve created a list of 23 for 2023 for Q2.

As with last time, I included items that make me happy, but still require “effort” (in a good way) and intentionality to carry through. That is, they’re not fully part of my everyday (yet!). For example, you won’t see ‘do cardio exercise’ on the list because that’s already a habit; I don’t need to remind myself to do cardio activities.

List of 23 for 2023 (Q2)

  1. Have fun with my family
  2. Do something new with Raúl 1x/month
  3. Try something new at least 5 x
  4. Put more energy into dressing well and feeling good in my clothes
  5. Stretch daily for 5 minutes
  6. Slow down when I eat and be present
  7. Take a dance class
  8. Get a massage
  9. Lead 3 hikes for hiking groups I belong to
  10. Do aquasize 3x or swim at pool
  11. Share song 4x at song circle
  12. Go on a hotel retreat alone
  13. Go to the library to work for a change in scenery
  14. _______(not sure what) to make the living room/dining room feel like a better space (contact N for help to start)
  15. Take my bike on the skytrain and on the bus (once each)
  16. Look into noise cancelling headphones
  17. Address L’s health (read, research, inform)
  18. Do weights at gym 2x/week
  19. Make 3 different stir-fry sauces
  20. Make 4 videos (coaching business)
  21. Address content strategy (coaching business)
  22. leaving it open
  23. leaving it open

I will review this list frequently (with the help of calendar reminders) and also put it on my phone.

For more inspiration on creating a list of 23 for 2023, see Gretchen Rubin’s post on that topic.

Photo credit: Bich Tran on Pexels

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