Phew. You made it to the end of term.

Congratulations! Please take a moment to soak in that reality.

You’re probably experiencing a combination of emotions that range from relieved, elated, exhausted, spent, and hopeful.

Whether you’re teaching again soon or not until September here are a few reflection questions for the end of term:

Reflecting on the past term or academic year

  • What habits did I practice that I want to continue?
  • What systems did I use that supported me and my work?
  • What do I feel really good about?
  • What positive impact did I have on my students?
  • What positive difference did I make in my department?
  • How does my experience from last term influence what I want to do differently in the near future?
  • What did I learn about myself? What do I want to do with those insights?

Reflecting on what I want to create this summer

  • What are my wishes and intentions for this summer?
  • If I were to select a word to describe these intentions and hopes, what would it be?
  • What does rest and rejuvenation look like for me this summer?
  • What can I do this summer that will help me set a good foundation for the next academic year?
  • When I imagine myself looking back at this summer, what would make me feel really good about these months?


Engaging in end of term reflections can help you celebrate what’s going well and think about what you want to change.

If you’d like some support in creating and staying true to your intentions this summer, book a free call to find out how my coaching support can help.

The questions above are inspired by Elena Aguilar’s Questions for Reflecting on a Year of Learning

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