This downloadable resource includes a worksheet for leveraging your strengths, and includes ideas on developing your strengths through awareness and taking action.

Why develop our strengths?

Our greatest potential for growth comes from developing our strengths and not from trying to “fix” our weaknesses.

This means that focussing on your strengths is a GREAT place to put your energy and focus. This is true whether you’re an individual focussing on strengths, or an organizational leader seeking to enhance the wellbeing and performance of your team.

The good news is that there are so many ways to grow your strengths! Therefore, regardless of your unique circumstances, your context, your career and life stage, etcetera, there are always multiple ways are available to you.

I’ve listed some of these in the worksheet. Take a look and see what you’re ready to commit to…

Suggestions for using this worksheet for leveraging your strengths:

Here’s how I suggest you use this resource:

1. Review the ideas in the resource and feel free to add to them.

2.Select 1 idea (or part of an idea) you will take action on within the next week.

3. Write your concrete and specific action step (commitment) in your calendar, notebook, or another place you will see it.

Download the instructions and worksheet for Action Plan to Leverage Your Strengths here:


Tips to help with follow-through

To help ensure that you follow through on the above, you can also:

  • Record by when you’ll have completed the action.
  • Let someone know your plan, so they help you stay accountable.
  • Partner with someone (i.e., a friend, a coach, a workmate) on your commitment.
  • Work with a coach (!). Find out more by emailing me at isabeauiqbal(at)gmail(dot)com


This resource was developed for people who have taken one of my CliftonStrengths workshops and want to continue to develop their strengths. It can be used by anyone–regardless of whether they’ve taken the CliftonStrengths assessment or not.

I help people discover and apply their strengths at work. Book a complimentary consultation here:

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