At the beginning of each quarter in 2023, I’ve created a list of wishes and goals. Then, 3 months later, I’ve reported back on my blog (see here for Q1 and Q2).

Below is a list of my Quarter 3 (July, August, September) wishes, intentions, and goals and a brief summary of how I did. I tend to be less structured in the summer season, and take more time off; I think that’s reflected below.

Did these

1. Enjoy time with family

My cousin and her daughter came to visit and that was the highlight of family time this quarter; during that visit, our entire family spent a lot of time together. Other activities included walks with my dad and a concert, family dinners, a few outings with my youngest daughter (farmers’ markets and Richmond Night Market), moments at home with eldest, plus time with Raúl (see below).  The four of us (my spouse and two kids) did not spend much time together over the past 3 months.

2. Nurture friendships (reach out, make plans, spend time with friends)

Yes, 10/10. Connection with new friends and long-time friends.

3. Try new things

I went to two different hiking/outdoor camps (one at Big Bar with Nature Vancouver and the other in Relevstoke with the Valley Outdoor Association) and also went to a weekend trip to Manning with another hiking group. This involved a lot of group time with folx I didn’t know–which is always a stretch for me (in a good way). I enjoyed some beautiful hiking at all these locations. Other: Dance workshop at Vancouver Burlesque School, visit to Richmond Night Market and Riley Park Farmers’ Market with my youngest.

4. Have time with Raúl outside the home

Walks, swimming, dinners with friends, candlelight concert with music by Queen, Latin music performance at 33 Acres, foot massage in Kits.

5.Take cool showers

Doing more of this. They are very short.

6. Read news headlines occasionally

I am trying to build this into a habit so I can have the smallest clue of what’s being reported on the news.

7. Organize my pictures ✅

8. Volunteer with BC Mobility Outdoor Society

The BCMOS hiking program makes the outdoors more accessible through the use of an innovative remote access wheelchair. I volunteered only a few times this summer.

9. Spend 3 hours/week on the PCC Marker Course

I completed the course that qualifies me to assess other coaches (at the ACC and PCC level). I am proud to have completed this online course!🥳

10. Sing in front of others

Continued to do this at the Vancouver Folk Song Society and Music on Main & More.

Did not do, but these were on my list

Sign up for swimming lessons

Go to a Friday concert at the top of Sea to Summit

Buy a nice bra (I always buy cheap-o ones)

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